All Summer 16

In the summer I couldn’t go to excelsior this year because I went to attend upward bound at Marist college. It was a great experience and I wouldn’t take it back for anything. We got to sleep in the dorms on Monday through Friday and go home on the weekends. The week days are like regular school days but we get to wake up later and we get out on time. We also get three meals a day and snack before bed prep. After 2:05 we have lunch and then have family meeting and then we have free time until study which we have two one hour periods.They also made it fun for us having trips and team A and B competitions which I can speech for all of us we all enjoyed.Then at of the end of the day we would have recreation. Which could be basketball, soccer, swimming or weight room. Then towards the end of the day we go to our mentors and talk about what we did that day or just chill until bed prep and we do it ll over again the next day and so on. We also had annual days for former people that was in upward bound that past away. Like the annual basketball game, the poetry slam, and the annual swimming party, and talent show. Upward bound is a great program and been working for the past 50!!!! years. They say the more summers you go there more chances you got of going to the college you want to attend.